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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The TouchChat Story (Re-post)

Saltillo got its start in 1996 at the hands of David Herchberger. Since that time, platforms have changed and Saltillo has brought its wares to the iOS platform in TouchChat HD and it's various versions. (READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, HERE)
Hershberger fell into the industry by way of a high school job in 1978. Throughout high school and college (he earned an engineering degree at University of Akron), Hershberger worked with a company that developed augmentative and assistive communication (AAC) devices. He struck out on his own because he wanted to expand the population he served by developing AAC devices.
“Once I saw the difference that technology can make in people’s lives, I knew I could never leave the field,” Hershberger says. “I have worked with kids who had very little communication and our technology helps them attend school. It makes an incredible difference in their lives. I got into this field by chance, but once here, it definitely captivated me. And today the technology allows us to do things we couldn’t even imagine back then.”

Why Did You Develop the TouchChat App?
Dave Hershberger: AAC users range from adults who have lost the ability to speak to children who are born without speech ability and need a program that closely mimics language development skills...READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, HERE.

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