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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TapSpeak Choice 4.0 Update

TapSpeak, LLC
TapSpeak Choice 4.0 Update is Here!

You asked for it and it on it's way....

Early Spring 2013 an AAC page set developed by Debbie Witkowski, MA, CCC-SLP, with Semantic Compaction Systems, will be a part of soon to come TapSpeak Choice update. Here is why this page sets are better than the rest.....

The Choice AAC page set will enable users to generate novel language with a solid core vocabulary base in which all core words can be accessed with no more than 3 hits and often only 1-2. 

Morphological word endings provide users with the ability to produce grammatically correct sentences. Users can develop consistent motor plans for each word since every vocabulary item is programmed to navigate back to the home page upon selection.

Happy New Year! We are very excited about some new things that will be rolled out in the upcoming months. Thank you for telling us what you want, what works and what does' nt work for your clients, students and kiddos. We continue to learn and make improvements to all our apps and we thank you for all your input.

TapSpeak Choice 4.0 Introduction
TapSpeak Choice 4.0 Introduction
Take a few minutes to get familiar with the TapSpeak Choice 4.0 updates. The video is less than 5 minutes long.

TapSpeak Choice 4.0 is a major update to the most accessible, flexible and usable AAC app on the market.
 Stay tuned as we'll be releasing our Choice AAC page set very soon!
* New access modes, detect touch on release and touch averaging, plus an anti-stimming mode.
* Scanning changes - restart scanning at last position and private preview with recorded messages
* Easier editing! Library usage optional, add button to a page with two taps, easy access to Navigation library and current library
* 80 new voices in 43 languages. Pitch adjustment feature.
* Pixon symbols - the best for core vocabulary usage. PCS still available to existing customers.
* New backup system - fast, safe, and flexible. Includes Dropbox support for backup to the cloud. Makes it easier to move setups to other iPads.
* Home and back buttons on toolbar for assisted navigation
* Button background coloring. Use our system or create your own.
* Even more!
---------------------Practicing Unity Patterns-The PUP app 
For the month of January we are putting PUP on sale!

PUP logo

Regular Price: $29.99
January Price:$14.99
If you live with in a 60 mile radus of Pittsburgh, PA and need some tech support we are happy to come over and fix it. Here is one happy family that Ted went to help out a few weeks before Christmas.
(Ted was able to install a beta version of TS Choice 4.0 for them to try out)
Hi Conley Family-
  Just writing to wish you a merry Christmas! Abby is making great progress with TapSpeak now - I think all the updates in the beta version are really making it easier for her to use. Last week she was able to tell her teacher - in no uncertain terms that she was tired. She was not hungry, but she was tired. It was the first time she has ever expressed on the ipad that she wanted to take a nap- sounds small, but it was pretty big for us. So thank you for creating this and giving our girl a voice.

Merry Christmas!!

Erin Gabriel

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