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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Re-Post: Abilipad Is A Great Writing Tool (Autism Plugged In)

Here is an excerpt from the article by Marnie Witters "Customizable Keyboard: Abilipad Is A Great Writing Tool" (go to the article, HERE)

customizable keyboard ipad app
App: Abilipad
Developer: Cheryl Bregman
Platform: iPad  (English, Spanish, French, German)
Platform: $19.99  Download Abilipad from iTunes
Category: Writing / AAC App

Write On!

Little authors who are ready to write can use Abilipad to create stories, write letters, create sentences, or practice spelling words.
Abilipad users can create customizable keyboards that include pictures and a text-to-speech option. These customizable keyboards give you the ability to create audio recordings and to share keyboards with other users.

Why It’s Great For Children With Autism

Parents of autistic children will love this app. The pictures keyboard is a great tool for children on the spectrum who are learning to read, spell, and write.
The innovative app was created by seasoned occupational therapist, Cheryl Bregman, who understands that autistic children learn visually.
This app lets you provide loads of visuals and kids will love it!

Customizable Keyboards

Users can customize keyboard keys by increasing the key size and by using words and pictures. Users can also customize the color scheme.
I created a keyboard for my son and included some of his favorite words. We uploaded pictures from the Abilipad’s library, choosing images that he was familiar with and could easily associate with a particular word.

Children see each key with an associated picture.  So, the next time they see that word or a picture of the word, they will recognize it because of the picture/word association.
Kids will also be encouraged to write as they combine words and build sentences.

Read the entire article HERE.

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