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Thursday, January 31, 2013

LAMP Words for Life as Device Backup for PRC

Have you heard about iSharePRC™?  Do you know a device user who would like to use LAMP Words for Life™ on an iPad as a back-up to their device?  Do you have a student using LAMP Words for Life while waiting for a device to be funded?  Did you know you can transfer your customized LAMP Words for Life vocabulary to your PRC device?  

iSharePRC’s vocabulary conversion tool allows you to convert  customized LAMP Words for Life vocabulary to a format that can be used on an Accent™, Vantage Lite™, or ECO™2.  If you make additional modifications to the vocabulary on your PRC device, you can convert the file back into a format that that can be used with the LAMP Words for Life app.  This conversion allows the transfer of vocabulary customizations from an iPad to a PRC device.  Login to and select the Conversion Tool to learn how to convert LAMP Words for Life vocabulary can be converted for use on your PRC device.

Have you tried to email a PRC vocabulary file that was too large to email?  Has your team ever lost the USB flash drive that contained a client’s vocabulary back-up?  Do you need a convenient and secure way to share copies of PRC vocabulary files with your team?  

iSharePRC provides  a secure location to store copies of customized PRC device and LAMP Words for Life vocabulary files.  iSharePRC allows sharing of files with other iSharePRC members, allowing collaboration with teammates to create a personalized vocabulary for a user.  Login to and select My Collections to share customized PRC device and LAMP Words for Life vocabulary files with your team.

Sign up with to start your free 90-day trial and see how iSharePRC can help you!

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