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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Re-Post: STAR Training - AT We Love (Happy Valentine's Day)
Assistive Technology We Love
"I love working with STAR's Reutilization program because families can get  wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, and other durable medical equipment at no cost."
Nichole S., STAR Waste Not

STAR has six centers throughout the state and all equipment is listed at: 
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In honor of this special day, we wanted to share some of the Assistive Technology we love!


This tool is a must for any switch user, regardless if they are just learning or already a pro!

Any electrical device can be plugged into it and then activated with a switch. 

Beginning switch users benefit from latch and lock timing options. 

Laura S., Occupational Therapist, TASC/UCP  hosts the webinar:  "AT We Love: Powerlink".


livescribe pen
Don't be fooled, this isn't your ordinary ink pen. Using special paper, it remembers the audio recorded when words or pictures are drawn.   

It enables students with learning disabilities to take notes, hear talking tests, and provide verbal responses.

Laura P., AT Specialist,  TASC/UCP  hosts the webinar:  "AT We Love: Livescribe".

Every classroom and speech therapist needs at least one of these.  

Early Intervention families love using this to record songs and picture books.   

Classroom teachers can work with a child to record a message so when parents asks "What did you do today?" the child can tell them all about it.  

This can also be a great workplace tool to provide verbal directions in completing a task.

Ann R., Speech Therapist,  TASC/UCP  hosts the webinar:  "AT We Love: Step By Step".

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