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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Re-Post - AACtual Therapy: Teaching use of social phrases and comments

AACtual Therapy: Teaching the Use of Social Phrases and CommentsFrom We are so happy to have Deanna Wagner back with more AACtual Therapy. In her previous post, Deanna talked about her work with AAC groups for adults. Today, she shares a lesson plan and some implementation ideas. As a veteran AAC interventionist, Deanna’s therapy plan has many wonderful features that undoubtedly contribute to the success her students experience.
AACtual Therapy: Teaching the Use of Social Phrases and Comments
Lesson/therapy Session:  Using Social Phrases/Comments
Intended audience & type of AAC:  All devices/AAC users should have access to social commenting.
Our Class: Middle school, self-contained classroom. Group of 3 students, SLP leading activity, paraprofessional, and Teacher of Visually Impaired supporting
Goal for Overall Lesson: Use word/icon combinations to express opinions or make social comments
Specific Student Goals:
  • Student #1 will combine 2 icons for social interjections – please, thank you, cool, awesome, yum, yuk, ok (ECO2 from PRC)
  • Student #2 will functionally use new phrases to chat or indicate an opinion (Dynavox Vmax with scanning)
  • Student #3 will interact/participate for a variety of purposes, including comments (give positive/negative opinion) (Dynavox EyeMax)
More tips from Musselwhite's blog...

Read the entire post at (click HERE to link)

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