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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Minspeak E-Newsletter, Issue 122

  • Spread the Word: "My speech therapist has been writing Icon Family Stories for my son. She got the idea from a PALLS presentation by Gail VanTatenhove. She makes the stories so special for him. When we read a story together, over and over, it helps him remember the words coded with that icon. And he practices saying the target words when we read it together." From Donna in New York
  • Core with Core: Help your students cope with vocabulary used in the common core state standards (CCSS). The word of the week is distinguish. Have your student define distinguish with these core words: "tell apart; to set apart as different; to see how things are different." Have the student say and write the definition. Add the word and definition to a chart of CCSS critical words. To learn with rhythm, rhyme, and movement, repeat this short chant: "Distinguish from the very start. Tell me how it's set apart." Apply the word in a context that is meaningful to the student. For example, help the student distinguish between right and wrong ways to interact with a person using AAC. Use a graphic organizer to distinguish the students right and wrong answers. Then apply distinguish to an academic context: distinguish between two climates, using a graphic organizer to point out the differences between the two climates.
  • Cooking with Core: Each recipe in the Cooking with Core series shows how to simplify directions in a recipe in order to model and prompt use of core vocabulary. The recipe for this week is Milk Dud® Torte. Use the PASS program to make any necessary visual support materials.
  • Spotlight: Kristy Davis will be presenting at the Pittsburgh Language Seminar Series (PALSS). Her presentation entitled, "Core Strength and Strong Wills: Getting Communicator Partners on the Right Track" will report on the strategies she used to help staff members at her school feel comfortable, confident, and capable in supporting students using AAC systems. As a member of the Minspeak Learning Community or a past attendee at a PALSS meeting, you won't want to miss the live feed of her presentation!

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