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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Minspeak E-Newsletter Issue 86

  • I Have A Question: "Where can I buy visual support materials for Pixons, Unity, and Lamp Words for Life?"  The Minspeak website lists licensed developers of Minspeak-based visual support materials, including apps which help teach Unity.  Contact them for information about their resources.
  • Core in the Classroom: Use Energy Verbs to learn about potential and kinetic energy while practicing verbs.
  • The Pixon Project: Pixons can be used as teaching materials for picturing the metaphors behind Unity® icon sequences.  The word for this week is ready. Compare the Pixon for ready  to the Unity®84 icon sequence  of ready.  Teach the meaning of the words using props, such a clock, watch, or stopwatch.  Do time trials, emphasizing the word ready, as in ready, set, go.  Talk about getting ready and being ready.  Practice these examples: I'm ready, get ready, not ready, are you ready, ready or not.  A game of Hide & Seek is a practical way to practice saying ready.
  • Spotlight: Thank you Margaret from Canada for her affirmation of the use of props to teach Pixons and Unity icons. "I am making great use of the Pixon Project Kit.  The suggestion of using props for icons has been implemented and working so well!!"
  • PALSS:  Go to the Minspeak website for the 2013- 2014 Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series schedule and registration materials. Spots are filling up quickly!

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