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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Many Uses of Book Creator

The Book Creator app is inexpensive ($4.99) and visually very simple. Students can use these easy tools to create a variety of useful projects by adding photos, videos, recording captions, and even drawing.

·    Flashcards - Use your iPad to take a photo of a picture in the text book and add text to write a definition or description. Add sound to speak the description.
·    Diagrams - Use the Pen to draw diagrams or to draw onto photos.
·    Task analysis - Take photos of steps in an activity and create one page per step.
·    Reporting on Events - Take a photo of an activity and add a text phrase about it or add sound to talk about it.
·    Journal - Save photos from the internet (wireless required) or draw using the Pen tool and write about the picture, with or without a writing prompt.
·    Oral Reports – Give a report from your book by creating a series of “notecards.” Add sound and you or someone helping you can pre-record your report.
·    Field Trip – Take photos on a field trip and add text to write about them or add sound to talk about them.

The description below is in iOS7. Consider updating!

1)        New Book     (blue text, upper left corner)

2)        Create a book shape
                        - Portrait (two pages show at a time)
- Square (one page shows at a time)
- Landscape (one full screen page at a time)

3)        +        to add content of the following types

Photo            - to choose from your iPad photos or videos
Camera        - to take a new pic
Pen               - to draw freestyle
Add Text      - to type words
Add Sound - to record voiceover or read the text

4)        Touch white > or + to add another page to the right


5)        When your book is complete,  export your book to iBooks

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