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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Handbook for Mobile Tech in SpEd - Ventura County

What a great resource! Thank you to Sharon Redner, SLP, for sharing these 43 pages of valuable information with the Southern California AAC Network. Download a copy of the Handbook HERE.

FOREWORD EXCERPT:  The Ventura County SELPA strives to keep abreast of issues and trends impacting services to students with disabilities...provide access to augmentative communication, games, and other curricular and organizational tools... we are at risk of embracing practices or resources which are not the most effective or efficient ... we must show caution that we do not create an educational system in which technology actually separates students from access to the instructional environment, or is used for self stimulatory or calming activities only. 

  • Guidelines for consideration and use, for purchase (including use of low incidence funds, volume purchasing, etc.), and management. 
  • Apps Core Curriculum
  • Apps for AAC
  • Apps for Speech and/or Language Therapy
  • Resources & Device Accessories

GUIDELINES EXCERPT:  In this case the district/school creates a single iTunes account to which multiple devices are synched... one account for a school or one account per classroom in a school... multiple licenses need to be purchased for each App. Educational institutions can do that through the Volume Purchase Program (VPP)...with a purchase order [Download the doc for more details here!]...Any educator can create an online quote for their purchasing department while an Authorized Purchaser can buy online on behalf of the institution (K-12 or High-Ed) or through Apple’s sale force. 

Instructional Planning Template for Apps to Support Core Curriculum

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