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Friday, October 19, 2012

Tweet! Tweet!

Are you on Twitter? SCAAC-N dove in just a couple of weeks ago. What a flood of ideas, resources, and AAConversations!

Use your email address to start a complementary Twitter account:
  • Set your name to something that distinguishes your personal identity (so people can find you; 20 characters or fewer)
  • Choose a username (also knwn as a Twitter handle) that is short and easy to remember (used for logging in). It may be cryptic and will look like "@...". 
  • Tweet your thoughts, tips, strategies, favorite websites, etc.; follow and be followed by colleagues from around the country and the world!
Others can find you by searching your handle, your name, or hashtags you add into your tweets (hashtags/keywords look like this "#AAC").

Here are some Twitter feeds (name, handle) that SCAAC-N follows. Join and visit our home page to see who else is in our feed:

Don't believe us? Read an article on using Twitter and Personal Learning Networds from technophile SLP, Megan Panatier, CLICK HERE.

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