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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

AAC Girls: Light Tech Backups for High Tech Devices

Link to the post on AAC Girls (CLICK HERE): 

How are you handling light tech backup systems for individuals who have high tech devices with complex language systems such as Unity or Word Power?  I am especially concerned about how to provide supports for students who use:
• Eye gaze or head mouse systems
• Switch scanning

When not well-positioned, these devices are typically just not available.  I know this is NOT a new question, but I feel like the gap between 'in-the-chair' and in other positions such as on the floor, relaxing in a bean bag chair, and in bed is getting wider as we are more successful in supporting access.

It seems that too often, unguided 20 Questions happens.  While PODD systems are amazing language systems, how would they translate for people who are already accomplished users of another language system?

Eagerly looking forward to a discussion and some great ideas! 

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