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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lingraphica: Medicare, SGDs and Therapy Caps

Do your own research, but Lingraphica wants to helped understand Medicare a little better! Here are some excerpts from a recent post of theirs. (link follows)

"Recently, we’ve been getting calls from SLPs and patients with questions about Medicare therapy caps and how they might affect reimbursement for speech-generating devices (SGDs). The short answer is that they don’t—SGDs are durable medical equipment and Medicare reimburses that separately from therapy services...

For 2012, the therapy caps are $1,880 per beneficiary for Speech Therapy and/or Physical Therapy and $1,880 for Occupational Therapy, for a total cap of $3,760 per beneficiary. These figures include deductibles and co-payments made by beneficiaries, as well...[caps apply to services delivered in an outpatient setting, via private practice, hospital outpatient departments and in rehab facilities]...

Medicare is allowing providers to follow an exceptions process...if a beneficiary reaches the cap..."

Read more from Lingraphica CLICK HERE

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