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Monday, July 30, 2012

Minspeak E-Newsletter, Issue 54

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July 30, 2012

  • Pixon Teaching Tip: Provide a hands-on experience to teach the Pixon for “why”. The Pixon shows a woman pointing to her head with a question mark. One teacher made a question mark and attached it to a headband. The person who was wearing the headband would be “it” when playing the “why” game. The “why” game involves asking a series of questions about a situational picture, much as a little child continually asks “why” when you are explaining something.

    Situation = A girl is crying. A broken vase is on the floor.
    1. Why crying = because she is sad
    2. Why sad = because she broke something
    3. Why break = because she dropped it
    4. Why drop = because it was heavy
    5. Why heavy = because she is too little to carry it

  • Intervention Planning: Create more communication opportunities this week to encourage your person using Minspeak to ask “why” questions, combining “why” with another word or phrase (e.g., why not, do you know why, tell me why).

  • Teaching Materials Exchange: Friendship Day is the first Sunday of August. Use the Friendship Day book to ask questions and learn about it. The book is coded with Pixons and icon sequences from Unity®45, Unity®60, Unity®84, and Unity®144.

  • Core Vocabulary Webinar: Gail Van Tatenhove will be doing a webinar entitled “Using Core Vocabulary in General Education Classrooms: Dealing with the Academic Vocabulary” on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 from 3:30 − 5:00 EST as part of the ATIA 2012 Online Webinar Series. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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