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Monday, July 16, 2012

Minspeak E-Newsletter, Issue 53

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July 16, 2012
  • Pixon Teaching Tip: Provide a hands-on experience to teach the Pixon for “where”. The Pixon for “where” shows a map with the question mark. Get a map of your town or state/province. Look for places on the map, while modeling “where”. Draw a map of your house and hide things around the house or classroom. Prompt the person to ask “where” and then go search for the object until you find it.

  • Intervention Planning: Create more communication opportunities this week to encourage your person using Minspeak to ask “where” questions, combining “where” with another word or phrase (e.g., where are we going, where is it, etc.).

  • Teaching Materials Exchange: The start of Ramadan is on July 20th. Use the Ask Ali book to ask questions and learn about it. The book is coded with Pixons and icon sequences from Unity®45, Unity®60, Unity®84, and Unity®144.

  • Core Vocabulary Webinar: Gail Van Tatenhove will be doing a webinar entitled ”Teaching Core Vocabulary to Students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities” on Thursday, July 19 from 3:30 − 5:00 EST as part of the ATIA 2012 Online Webinar Series. Don’t miss this opportunity.

  • Announcements: It's not too late to register for the 15th Biennial ISAAC conference being held in Pittsburgh!

Benefits of Minspeak
Using multi-meaning icons.
The power of motor automaticity.

Use of Minspeak
Minspeak systems with different disabilities.
Minspeak and cultural-linguistic diversity.

The Power of Minspeak
Minspeak, language and literacy development.
Using Minspeak in the classroom.

Support of Minspeak
Strategies to support use of Minspeak.
Minspeak teaching materials.

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