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Thursday, April 3, 2014

iOS 7 and The New Blue2 Switch from AbleNet

Never before has a mobile operating system come with such a powerful switch accessibility tool-set built directly into the operating system. And now, the New Blue2 from AbleNet is the perfect tool to provide the access you need to access the iPad. 

Touch, swipes and taps can be difficult, if not impossible, for individuals with physical limitations to use the device. In addition, the majority of the available apps were not created with switch accessibility in mind. Now, Apple’s iOS 7 accessibility feature, Switch Control, used in conjunction with the Blue2 switch from AbleNet makes access to all apps possible for switch users. 

Watch the AbleNet iOS 7 Blue2 instructional videos to learn more:

Angry Birds Demo Video
App with switch access built into the app
Single Switch Auto Scanning
Two Switch Step Scanning
Click here to download the iOS 7 Missing Manual
Click here to download iDevice Mounting Options

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