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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Communication Supports Inventory- Children & Youth (CSI-CY)

WHAT IS THIS? The Communication Supports Inventory-Children and Youth (CSI-CY) is a FREE ONLINE TOOL THAT GENERATES A REPORT that was designed to make goal writing easier for teachers and speech-language pathologists who work with students who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to communicate effectively. By itself, it is not an assessment, but rather a guide (rating scale for 126 items) to organize your understanding of the impact of a student’s communication strengths and limitations on participation at school and home. 

The CSI-CY consists of an Inventory (printable in PDF, CLICK HERE) and a Report generated from your ratings on the 126 items.
Excerpt of the "report" generated by the questionnaire
CSI-CY? WHO? Yes, exactly, WHO (World Health Organization) developed the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health-Children and Youth Version (ICF-CY) in 2007 to provide a global common language for describing the impact of health conditions and disabilities on human functioning. The CSI-CY uses that same global common language.

SO, WHAT’S THE POINT? It’s all about the student’s participation in life at school and home! The CSI-CY 
  • (a) identifies major areas in which the child’s participation is restricted because of communication limitations; 
  • (b) identifies and qualifies limitations in communication and specific functional impairments that affect communication; 
  • (c) identifies environmental facilitators and barriers that affect communication, and 
  • (d) provides a list of high priority areas of concern that are potential IEP goals.
WHAT DO I GET? After completing the Inventory you will generate the Report that provides a list of high priority concerns that might be addressed in IEP goals for your student. You can save your student's Report and the entire Inventory with your responses on your computer.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? First, you complete the 126-item Inventory, which takes about 30 minutes. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of each page that shows what portion has been completed. Then you can generate the Report-a prioritized list of concerns that you should consider addressing in IEP goals.

SO HOW DO I START? Fill out the Inventory, then complete the Report to prioritize the items of concern for consideration in the student’s IEP. When you finish, you will be able to print or download a pdf of the student's CSI-CY Inventory and Report.

Thanks to Sandra Steiner on the ASHA Community SIG 12 message board for the CSI-CY tip!

Other places for help with goals (thanks Gloria Soto): 

(1) The AAC Profile by Tracy Kovach and available through Linguisystems ($69.95).
(2) The Dynamic AAC Goal Grid available for FREE.
(3) The Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Skills and Strategies available for FREE.

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