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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toy Adapting (from TASC & STAR Training)

For those of us too far away to attend the training in Huntsville, TASC and STAR training has some easy instructions for us to follow. Check out the YouTube How-To videos in the left column. - SCAAC-N
adapted elmo toy
Watch How It's Done!
It is easier to show you how to do it then try to explain. Here are a couple of YouTube videos to show you how. 

TASC logo

1856 Keats Drive
Huntsville, AL 35810

STAR logo
Santa's Elves don't just make toys, 
they also adapt them! 
When visiting Santa's Workshop (or other stores in your area), you may find a toy that dances when you squeeze his hand or a dog that barks when you turn him on. Not all children can play with these toys--unless they are adapted. Once adapted, a child can use a capability switch to activate the toy.

Adapted toys can be expensive when purchased from specialty companies like Ablenet or Enabling Devices, which limits the amount of toys a child may have access to.  

Children get bored and need a variety of toys! 

Adapting toys is fun, easy, and a lot cheaper. 
What do you need?
Battery Powered Toy
The easiest toys to adapt have a switch in the hand or foot and you can feel the wires that go into the battery box. 
DO NOT attempt to adapt toys that need to be plugged in. 
1/8 Mono Audio Jack
This will allow most capability switches to be plugged into the toy. 
soldering iron
Soldering Tools
At the very least, you will need a soldering iron, solder, wire strippers, and wire.

Check out the kits in the T.A.S.C. AT lending library. 

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