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Monday, December 10, 2012

H-app-y Birthday to You!

I happen to know an inordinate number of December babies, and want to share a couple FREE birthday apps that I love. (Both give you 'something to talk about', but, full disclosure, neither are communication apps)

 Sharing with Duckie Deck is FREE (at least at present) and has a birthday cake decorating activity in which you can drag decorations, candles and all sorts of do-dads onto a variety of cake styles. Listen to a lovely marimba version of happy birthday song as many times as you like after tapping the green check mark, then tap to cut, and serve to three plates, then do it all over again with a different style cake. Great FUN! The other 3 activities in the app are completely cute, as well. Enjoy.

Cake Day (also FREE, for now) invites you to blow out the on-screen candles, and it WORKS! Don't ask me how. Magic. Cake Day allows you to enjoy a Free Cake (ready to go, no prep required, ready to blow the candles and hear the kind of cake!) or Personalize a cake with number of candles, card recipient's name, message, and signature. This cake/card combo can be sent via Facebook, Text, or Email. I can't promise that you can "blow out" the candles on your desktop, though...

Both apps contain zero calories and are fat-free.

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