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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AAC Girls: QUICK! Holiday Apps & Ideas!

From AAC Girls: QUICK! Holiday Apps & Ideas! 
Fun app for taking a photo and adding Santa hat, beard, etc.
Idea:  I was working with a student working on access on her device.  We used hide / show to isolate GO & STOP.  Ex:  Okay, the beard (GO = make it bigger;  STOP = stop)

Christmas Sounds Free
Lots of sound effect apps but this one combines 16 good pics and interesting. sounds.
Idea:  We used this as impetus for a 'playlet' for a Communication Circle with a 5th grader using an AAC device.   Each student chose a sound, and wrote a line about it . . . using the device.  Then we performed it for family and friends.  FUN!

American Greetings eCard
Fantastic free app!  Great videos to watch & include.  Must be online to use videos.
Ideas:  Watch the video and comment, narrate, etc. before completing the card.

 I would love to have people share great Hanukkah or Kwanzaa apps that you've found.  ENJOY!!!

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