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Thursday, May 17, 2012

QUAD Profile in Early Language Therapy - Thanks Kara!

Kara Bidstrup referred to the QUAD© Profile in her presentation at the SCAAC-N Spring Quarterly meeting Tuesday. Download the QUAD© Profile HERE.
Particularly useful elements to guide our language therapy for our AAC users:
Sentence Types Checklist - Where your sample consists of sentences, or attempts at sentences, check off any occurrences of the basic sentence types. Use tally marks on the sheet if you want to see the frequency with which the different types are used.
Language Functions Checklist - For each sentence (or single-word ‘sentence’) check off the function that the utterance performs. There may be some ambiguity and a certain amount of interpretation needed.
In the author's words...
The QUAD© Profile is a simple analysis tool that allows you to take a sample of language and compare it against a set of checklists. The checklists look at four levels of language:
      • Vocabulary – the words an individual uses to build sentences
      • Morphology – the way words change within a sentence
      • Syntax – the order of words in a sentence
      • Function – what the purpose of a sentence is
The profile does not give a score and is not intended to do so. However, there are some norms provided so you can get a general idea of where a client is succeeding or having difficulties.

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