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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Thanks to Caroline Musselwhite, this excerpt from her Can We Chat bookette and training on the use of Social Scrips via AAC is available online. A GREAT follow up to the training at the SCAAC-N Spring Quarterly Meeting! DOWNLOAD the Can We Chat excerpt HERE!

A sneak peak:

Social Scripts are interactions such as joke-telling, sharing life stories and general conversations. They help persons using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) move beyond wants and needs to using 'real' communication for conversational purposes. They support students in learning to claim, start, and maintain turns in a conversation. This bookette primarily provides ideas for beginning communicators.... 

We must use a variety of strategies to ensure that augmented communicators - even those with limited access skills, can achieve interactions that are:
         varied, to maintain interest
            ongoing, with multiple turns
               w/ a range of partners, including peers
                  a way to model a range of pragmatics
                     low maintenance 
                        (do them "on the fly")

One strategy to address these needs is to develop age-appropriate, motivating Social Scripts that may be easily accessed, even by beginning communicators. These social scripts should fulfill several areas of the agendas or social purposes described by Janice Light (1988).


Give Social Scrips a whirl!

Many thanks to you, Caroline, for your great work!!

DOWNLOAD more sample Social Scripts Caroline presented at a Pre-Conference Session at Closing the Gap, 2001. Here is one of them:

Hey, Mom.
Come here!
Oh no!
I've got to do my make-up for the Prom!
It's getting late.
Hurry, Mom!
Remember, my dress is blue.
Let’s do lipstick first.
Please . . . not purple!
Keep my lipstick on my lips.
Don't get it on my teeth.
I don't want to look like Bozo.
I have that red hair!
I want to look like Britney Spears.
She's beautiful.
Could I have a little more mascara, please?
I can't wait to get to the Prom!
Mom, you did a great job.
I don't want to miss the dance.
Let's go!

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