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Sunday, August 28, 2011

RJ Cooper 1/2 off SALE (thru Oct 1)

Half-price sale on selected items, until Oct. 1:

1) Laptop Keyboard Covers at , cover the keyboard when you're using a switch or touchscreen with your laptop.
2) Thunder-RJ at , my inexpensive, and portable, screenreader for blind persons.
3) Flopper-Stopper , my head 'helper' for head 'floppers'.
4) ChinCheeka at , for head control of 2 switches.
5) Switch-adapted Guitar Hero guitars at .
6) Switch-Poser at , for holding switch, game controller, DS, or other small device.
7) Scan-5 at and all the remotes associated with it. This is my auditory scanning EADL/ECU for control over 5 functions of selected remotes/devices.
8) Beeper Box at , used for testing switches or as a call buzzer.
9) EADL Package at , A PC-based full EADL/ECU package for control of entertainment devices and optional X10/Insteon real-world modules. (does not include the PC)
10) Talk-Aid at , for 'low talkers', individuals that can talk, but are soft spoken.
11) WakerShaker at , the ultimate, effective, and extremely low cost switch-adapted cause/effect device.

Find them at

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