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Thursday, August 4, 2011

PRC Invites You to Two FREE Workshops! (Tues, 8/16; Norco, CA)

Stay posted for SCAAC-N quarterly meeting notes from 7/19/11 - coming soon!

It was great to have our local PRC rep, Kara Bidstrup, in attendance. 

You Are Invited to Two FREE Workshops!
Kara Bidstrup, M.S., CCC-SLP
Phone:  (800) 262-1984 ext. 472

These informative hands-on sessions will be presented by PRC Regional Consultants:  Kara Bidstrup and Julie Packer.
Julie Packer, M.S., Ed.
Phone:  (800) 262-1984 ext. 445
Overview of Vantage Lite with UnityDate:  August 16, 2011
Time:  8:30am - 11:30am
Facility:  Learning Center North
Location:  Norco, CA
ASHA CEUs:  0.3
This course focuses on Unity software available in the Vantage Lite. This class is an overview of vocabulary options and their use to create spontaneous novel utterances. Participants will be given teaching strategies to support Unity. Participants will also be introduced to basic device operation such as using the set up key, importing photos, hiding keys, backing up memory, and keyboard emulation.
Devices are not required, but participants may bring a Vantage Lite, Vantage, Vanguard, ECO, or laptop computer with the free Vantage Lite PASS software. (Any version of the devices will be ok)
Overview of Implementation Strategies for AACDate:  August 16, 2011
Time:  12:30pm - 3:30pm
Facility:  Learning Center North
Location:  Norco, CA
ASHA CEUs:  0.3
This condensed presentation focuses on strategies to teach and promote the use of an augmentative communication system to get students to independently initiate spontaneous, novel utterances rather than simply repeating pre-stored sentences when prompted. The strategies presented will cover a range of communication ages and abilities, including those at the level of emerging language and literacy. The teaching strategies presented are appropriate for a wide variety of devices and programs.
This presentation is appropriate for anyone (teacher, SLP, parent, paraprofessional, etc.) working with a student using a communication device.
Devices are not required at this training.
Participants may bring an ECO, Vanguard, Vantage, Vantage Lite or laptop computer downloaded with PASS software.
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