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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inexpensive ($180), 3-day PODD training in San Marcos, 9/28-30/11

Presenter: Linda Burkhart
Linda is a well-known teacher and leader in the field of assistive technology, adaptive play, and augmentative communication for children who face significant disabilities. She has conducted workshops and presentations nationally and internationally since 1982. She has also developed many publications and software to be used in these areas.
  • Target Audience: This workshop is for anyone working with young children who have difficulty communicating through speech.
  • Description: Children who are nonspeaking or have only limited speech, in addition to other challenges, often struggle to interact and communicate. This may include children who have physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, sensory processing challenges, limited social interaction skills, and/or a range of cognitive limitations and learning difficulties.

    This three day course will demonstrate the use of a Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) approach developed by Gayle Porter (Melbourne, Australia). Generic templates for multi-page 'light tech' communication books have been carefully designed to support genuine communication for a variety of functions throughout the day. These templates may be customized for a range of access methods and other individual needs.

    Come learn strategies for creating multi-modal language learning environments that provide receptive models and expressive opportunities for language development. Learn strategies for teaching and using PODD with children and their communication partners. Videos and case examples will be shared. Participants will have an opportunity for hands-on practice with PODD Communication books.

    Participants will be able to:
    - Describe the challenges faced by professionals creating communication systems in terms of vocabulary organization, layout, design, range of access strategies and customizing for individual requirements.
    - Discuss the importance of receptive language input and creating a language learning environment
    Use a PODD Communication book to provide receptive language input for students
    - Discuss the features of a PODD communication system in terms of vocabulary organization, layout, design, range of access strategies and customizing for individual requirements.
    - Use PODD generic template resources to produce customized communication books.
    - Discuss the teaching and learning strategies for implementing PODD communication systems with students and team members.
  • Hosted by: NCCSE - view all of their low-cost trainings, click here
  • Cost:          $180
  • Date(s) & Time(s):  09/28/11, 9/29/11, 09/30/11, 8:30am - 3:30pm

  • Location:  North County Regional Education Center
                      255 Pico Avenue, San Marcos, CA 92069


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