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Friday, May 9, 2014

AAC Tech Connect - DISCOUNTS!

In honor of Better Speech and Hearing month,
Let us help you make the "Best Choice for the Best AAC Voice!"
AAC TechConnect can help you with your augmentative communication (AAC) needs . . . and we have 2 resources to assist you  . . .
1) Sort through and find the best AAC App or AAC Device  with our online clinical tools  on S A LE    for 50% off !
2)  Purchase one of ACES Evaluation Toolkits to assist you in your AAC evalutions for up to 10% off !
Get BOTH resources get started with effective and efficient AAC assessments!
1) Do you need help sorting thru AAC Apps and/or deciding on the right AAC Device?
Try our AAC Apps Assistant & AAC Device Assistant Bundle.  Choose what features you need in an App or Device and we sort through the options
and give them to you in a side-by-side comparison!  For info, go to  
HURRY and purchase now and you will enjoy the new upgrades coming .  . .   
50% OFF ONLY THROUGH 6 / 30 / 2014
AAC Apps Assistant and AAC Device Assistant Bundle
for only $30 / year for a single user*
$83 / year for up to 10 users*
(* prices slightly higher if Purchase Order is used)

Use code AADA50%off  . . . Click here for ordering info 


2) Do you need help with your AAC Evaluations so you can decide
which communication tool / App / Device you may need? 

Rollback pricing available!
Go to 

Try our ACES Evaluation Toolkit!
We have an ACES  Low-Lite Tech Toolkit that has 25 communication tools

 needed for your evaluation
 (5% off thru 6/30/2014. . . cost )
the ACES High-Tech Toolkit that is a convertible laptop loaded with valuable resources to assist in your evaluations for dynamic display devices and Apps
(10% off -  hurry limited availability . . . cost)
  get the ACES Evaluation Toolkit Bundle (10% off thru 6/30/2014)
and all includes online training  &
a notebook of materials activities & ideas
Let us know how we can help!
Contact information below . .  .

AAC TechConnect, Inc.
.AAC.RX (866.482.2279)

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