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Friday, April 5, 2013

ASHA Leader Celebrates Chapel Hill Snippets


The April 1, ASHA Leader celebrates Chapel Hill Snippets in their "Blog Jam" section (link to this great blog, below)

Verbs, Verbs, Verbs (printable adapted books)

Frustrated by the limitations of leveled readers for some of your students? You're not alone. To better target vocabulary skills of atypical learners, SLP Ruth Morgan of Chapel Hill Snippets has been posting books, apps and observations randomly compiled into one blog post to help fellow SLPs locate some of her found verb treasures

"I like to make adapted books. The reason for making my own, or adapting the ones I find, is simple—the leveled readers in our school book room simply aren't designed to teach language. Vocabulary is often not controlled, and the syntax structures become too complex early on. The school's books are designed for typical language learners who need to learn to read. My adapted books are designed for kids who may be able to 'word call' a bit, but need to learn sentence structure and vocabulary."
Snippets' author, Ruth Morgan, also contributed the article, "Make it Work: Dominate your IEP Data", in this month's Leader. Give it a read!

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