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Thursday, April 25, 2013

AAC Courses at is a great resource for SLPs who want to know more at their own convenience and for a (relatively) small price. If you thirst for information:
1) In an area of the field that may not be your specialty,
2) But can't get out to all the conferences around the country, or
3) On a subject that didn't even exist when you were in school
...then may be a good fit for the $99/year unlimited CEU credits.

* SCAAC-N has no financial ties to

Take a look at some these courses offers on AAC:

- AAC: Demystifying the "Assessment Process"
- AAC Apps: Finding the Right One for Your Client
- Augmentative Communication: Assessment Strategies for Teens and Adults
- AAC Funding and Report Writing for Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance
- AAC: Medicare/Medicaid Funding and Documentation
- AAC in the Schools: Report Writing & Funding
- AAC Techniques & Strategies: Supporting Natural Speech Development in ASD & Other Disorders
- AAC & Aphasia: A Review of Current Assessment and Treatment Methods
- AAC and Aphasia
- Use of AAC Devices and Strategies for People with Aphasia
- AAC in School Settings: What is the Role of the SLP?
- Practicing AAC in Acute Care Settings

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