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Thursday, December 15, 2011

RERC - Mobile Devices Video & MORE!

Boston Children's Hospital's Howard Shane and Jessica Gosnell, chat with David McNaughton and Sam Sennott discussing the use of mobile communication technologies (e.g., the iPad) by children with complex communication needs. 
The discussion includes:
  • Benefits of Mobile Communication Technology 
  • the Assessment Process 
  • Learning about New Apps
  • Intervention 
  • Building Vocabulary and Language Skills 
  • What's Next? 
  • Additional Resources 
Some points to ponder from their discussion...
- Let's give them something to talk about (via the internal camera on the iPad2). Snapping photos in vivo easily sets the stage for later communication - one really beautiful aspect!
- The paucity of a strong language system in most available communication apps. Do we start from scratch or use and modify an out-of-the-box vocabulary set?

Future needs, musing, and resources mentioned:
  • Motion detection and vocabulary detection based on the user's location, 
  • Audio speakers for various environments,
  • Significant access needs with the capacitive touch-access screen,
  • Restricting access to apps (!) and integration of functions, such as Time Lock for school hours (love it).
ASHA Division 12 Perspectives issue on Mobile Technologies

RERC White Paper on the use of Mobile  Technologies

Full, 3-part webcast by Howard Shane, PhD and Megan O-Brien on Visual Immersion Program for Autism (comprehension and expressive language skills)

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