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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog BFF: AAC Girls

Caroline Musselwhite, and periodic 'special guests,' have a really wonderful blog that is a companion to the equally valuable website

From a recent post.....(view more at

Fun Videos: Girl Washing . . . (click the title to get to the video link)

This video is a delight!! Enjoy watching it. Then share it with your children / students in some of the following ways:

Language: Support students in:
- Sequencing: take screen shots and help students determine first, next, and last
- Narrative: re-tell this story
- Commenting: this video is fun for practicing making comments (sweet, uh-oh, oh no, yikes!)
- Core Words: this is ideal for summarizing using high frequency words (look at that. Is she bad?)

Literacy: Support students in:
- Watching Response: Writing a response to this story
- Descriptive Narrative: re-tell this story
- Word Choice: describe the video using strong verbs and / or sparkle words

Another great post on AAC Girls for those of you that don't access to video services like YouTube ...

ZAMZAR – 1 Easy Way to Manage Movies

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