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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Petition for AAC telecommunication in CA (STS)

Here's a great way to support telecommunication options for Augmentative and Alternative Communicators - FREE - takes less than 1 minute. 

To support this petition for video supported speech to speech services, follow this link to join the petitioning group -

If you have a speech disability and live in the U.S.A., you can now use a free telephone service 24 hours a day. This service, called “Speech-to-Speech” (STS), provides communication assistants (CAs) to help people with speech difficulty (PSDs) be understood by the public on the telephone.

PSD's can dial toll free to reach a patient, trained CA who is familiar with many speech patterns and has excellent language recognition skills. This CA makes telephone calls for them and repeats their words exactly in a 3-way calling environment.

To try out STS call 800-854-7784 and ask for Dr. Bob Segalman (directly at 916-448-5517). You can also access STS by dialing 711 and asking for Speech-to-Speech.

Thanks to Bob Segalman PhD for working to make this happen!

    - SCAAC-N

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  1. Does anybody think this is a good idea?