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Friday, July 31, 2015

Minspeak E-Newsletter Issue 126

  • Spread the Word: "I've been doing some parent training over the summer using the Module 1 Script Cards from the Pixon Project Kit. They are so simple and easy for parents to follow. It really helped them understand how to use core words in everyday activities. Plus, the cues for prompting and responding were so helpful." From Andrew in MD
  • Core with Core: Help your students cope with vocabulary used in the common core state standards (CCSS). The word of the week is INFER. Have your student define infer with these core words: "make a smart guess from what you know." Have the student say and write the definition. Add the word and definition to a chart of CCSS critical words. To learn with rhythm, rhyme, and movement, repeat this short chant: What I know then have to guess. I must infer, yes yes yes. Show students simple pictures (e.g., a person at the beach). Ask them to make inferences (e.g., what time of the year is it? = summer)
  • Cooking with Core: Each recipe in the Cooking with Core series shows how to simplify directions in a recipe in order to model and prompt use of core vocabulary. The recipe for this week is No Bake Cheesecake. Use the PASS program to make any necessary visual support materials.
  • Spotlight: The 2015-2016 Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series is going to be another excellent year of speakers. Review the upcoming schedule and find the time when you or someone you know should attend. Slots fill up very quickly, so don’t wait too long!

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