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Sunday, September 9, 2012

30 Things A Student Can SAY When They Have AAC

Re-Posted from via some Facebook sharing...

AAC Supports- Don't Go ANYWHERE Without Them!
Access To AAC & Visual Supports Allows Students to:
  1. Let you know what they want (requesting is only item 1...there is so much more - Jennifer at ProLoQuo2Go)
  2. Let you know nicely what they don’t want
  3. Answer class questions
  4. Ask a question
  5. Say ‘I don’t know’
  6. Ask for help 
  7. Tell you they are having fun
  8. Create a sentence
  9. Argue
  10. Negotiate
  11. Say a line in a school play
  12. Say ‘here’ during attendance
  13. Tell what they did on the weekend
  14. Tell what they did over the summer
  15. Tell you what they want to do at home
  16. Tell you if they are happy
  17. Tell you if they are scared
  18. Tell you if they are frustrated
  19. Tell  you about their family
  20. Tell you about their pets
  21. Say please
  22. Say their name
  23. Say hello to a person
  24. Tell you what they like to do
  25. Ask for more
  26. Tell you which color they want
  27. Ask for a break
  28. Tell you why they are upset
  29. Tell you to stop 
  30. Say THANK YOU 

Thanks to PrAACtical AAC (via Judy Bailey) for other posts - Read "Not Good Enough" by clicking HERE


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