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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apps! Apps! Apps! & more from RJ Cooper...

Full-text posted from an email sent by RJ Cooper...

"Hello fans of AT/AAC!

I am happy to *finally* announce the availability of my latest 2 apps that have been 'ported' over to iPad! I had promised these by end of summer, but programming for the iPad is just not that easy. And I try to make my apps very 'rich' in features.

Spell-A-Word - LARGE print, spelling app, where you can make your own WordLists, or use those that we've made for you (complete with pictures and recorded words). When searching for this app, make sure you use the dashes.  To view in iTunes click below:


Point To Pictures - The only AAC *training* app in the world. I believe this app is a *necessary* prerequisite for successful AAC on the iPad for anyone that doesn't immediately 'get' an actual AAC app!  To view in iTunes click below.


PLEASE don't assume you can hand an iPad with an AAC app, like Proloquo2Go (which is a fine app), to someone with significant challenges, and expect them to be able to use it, just because it's *on* the iPad (and don't scoff at this! I am seeing this *countless* times. The iPad is *advertised* as being "magical" but it is not ;-) .

And remember, if the user cannot reach UP and out to use a finger on the iPad, please consider my Auggie for its many alternative input methods (running Windows 7, but same basic size as iPad).


My apps are free for the first 2 weeks of release so go get 'em! After that they will be $29.95 each (each cost me over $10K to create!)

Soon to follow are switch versions, Scan-A-Word, and Scan to Pictures.


P.S. As always, if you want off this list, just Unsubscribe below.

P.P.S And if you want something by Xmas, do NOT wait until 1 week before and then blame it on *us*! Order by Dec. 1 to *ensure* you'll get it in time. Remember my Mac/PC software is almost all on sale for 1/2 price, and some titles are even free (with purchase or anything of mine)!

RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. | 27601 Forbes Rd. #39 | Laguna Niguel | CA | 92677 | US"

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