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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SCAAC-N Fall Meeting Notes - 10/19/10

Julie Packer represented Prentke Romich Co. this evening as she presented materials and supports available at the AAC Language Lab website:

Concepts, teaching materials, and developmental charts are transferable between AAC systems and can be applied to all types of users.

Julie shared beautiful printed materials with the group that can be downloaded at the following links:
AAC LANGUAGE LAB - Language STAGES CHART  (Click to download)

AAC LANGUAGE LAB - Morphology STAGES CHART (Click to download)
Click here for more LANGUAGE LAB charts on Parts of Speech, Pragmatics, Sentence Types, etc.

In addition to reference materials, Julie walked the group through the FREE teaching resources that are available through the AAC LANGUAGE LAB.  Many refer directly to the symbol repertoire and sequences in PRC's Unity language system; however, they can be modified to match whatever symbol system your learners may use.

PRC-Created PowerPoint Teaching Books

View a sample of PowerPoint books, games and language activities - click here

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